6 Tips for an Enjoyable Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is an unforgettable experience. Viewing a destination from the air, especially one as incredible and scenic as this national park, is a great privilege which rewards with breathtaking beauty and fun thrills.

Sightseeing via chopper is a popular, memorable and relatively private experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. However, it’s understandable to be nervous if it’s your first time – going on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour can be pretty intimidating!

To ease your concerns, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for calming your nerves and getting the most out of the experience. Here they are:


Take precautions for motion sickness

If you or someone you’re flying with has a history of motion sickness, you’ll definitely want to take some precautions before you head off. There’s nothing worse than feeling queasy and/or throwing up when you’re trying to enjoy your Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Flying in a chopper can feel a bit unusual, especially if you haven’t done it before. The combination of altered vision, body state and perspective can feel strange, although most people find it thrilling.

There are several different remedies for motion sickness. The main ones are:

Over-the-counter medication

There are a range of tablets available to prevent motion sickness. Most are antihistamines such as Dramamine, which are effective when taken 30-60 minutes before you fly, however these may have a sedative effect. Ask your pharmacist or GP for advice.

Herbal remedies

Some people find that herbal remedies like ginger are effective, and don’t cause drowsiness like antihistamines do. You can take ginger in tablet or liquid form. It’s recommended that you take it just before you expect to experience motion sickness, or once you start to feel it.

Bands and patches

You can also try drug-free relief in the form of a wristband, which uses acupressure points to prevent motion sickness. There are also motion sickness patches available on prescription, which administer medication via the skin.


Pack only the essentials

Asides from the weight limits, there isn’t a lot of room on board the chopper, which means you’re restricted to what you can carry on. You’re typically not allowed to bring backpacks or camera bags, bottles of water or wallets. Put your phone in your pocket, you camera over your neck and your sunglasses on your face and you’re set!


Get your camera ready

There will be a lot of photo-worthy material on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, so make sure your camera is ready to go. That means making sure you have fully charged its battery, cleared enough space on your memory card, and have put the battery and memory card inside your camera!


Go to the bathroom beforehand

Make sure you use the bathroom before you start your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, even if you don’t feel a strong urge to do so. While this may sound obvious, there’s nothing worse than urgently needing to pee in the middle of your flight (no, there are no toilets on board). This tip is especially relevant for those with children, as kids are notorious for not being able to “hold on” very well.


Don’t talk to the pilot

The pilot has a job to do – keep you safe! Distracting the pilot with questions about how their day is going, or what all the buttons on the cockpit do, is not a good idea. If you’ve got questions, ask your Grand Canyon helicopter tour guide instead.



Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Relax, have fun and you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime.