A Guide On Purchasing A Hot Water Cylinder


Maintaining your home can be really dull, frustrating and time-consuming. It’s certainly one of the more monotonous daily tasks every homeowner faces. We all try and save a dollar here and there, however, it’s really important that you don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to picking your hot water cylinder. It is a choice that warrants some serious thought and deliberation. So, if you’re currently looking for a hot water cylinder, be sure to check out this comprehensive guide to help you through the process.



Models have changed rather significantly overtime. Indeed, more modern homes and apartments include a stainless steel hot water cylinder. If you are currently looking for a particular type, you should be aware that stainless steel is the most popular option. This is because it is really effective in strengthening shower and tap pressure, while also decreasing the heating time noticeably.


Environmentally friendly

Furthermore, your hydro system can also be environmentally friendly. This is because all liquids are heated while producing fewer emissions. Likewise, electric units are known for eating up more energy, costing you a lot more overtime. While they are deemed as reliable, they certainly increase the size of your carbon footprint. So, if you want to do something good for the environment and to save a bit of money, consider purchasing a hot water cylinder for your new home or when replacing an old unit.


What size do you need?

You might be a little confused as to how many litres you require your model to be. When selecting a unit, you need to consider several important factors: how large your home is and how many storeys your place of residence is. On top of this, you also need to be aware of how many outlets you will have, in terms of taps, showers and toilet basins. The more outlets your home is equipped with, the larger and more powerful your unit needs to be.

Families with children will often have homes with multiple shower recesses– so several people can shower at the same time. Generally, homes with less than 3 people can rely on a single hot water cylinder, whereas homes with more than 3 inhabitants should be considering a larger storage tank system.


Proximity of the system

The closer your hot water cylinder is to your home and the outlets will be better for its heating efficiency. If the liquid has to travel a long distance, you will find that it won’t be as warm or refreshing. If this is the case, you may have to look into modifying the aqua flow to your home so as to help minimise any heating issues. You want to ensure that you’re having the best showers you possibly can!



When purchasing a hot water cylinder, you need to ensure that you have a solid, clear budget. You should view this purchase as a long term investment, meaning a great choice can save you money in the long term. Most units are retailed for around $1000 so while they aren’t cheap, they can save you a lot of money! Also, make sure you are on the lookout for any discounts, special offers or warranty schemes. Most systems will come equipped with a 10 year warranty, so if your new purchase has any problems, just get in contact with your retailer and they’ll have it sorted in no time.



Installing your hot water cylinder should be completed by a professional. Seeking professional advice will always be beneficial, particularly in terms of minimizing the chances of ongoing problems or maintenance flaws.