British Candy – The Most Favorite Ones!

British Candy – The Most Favorite Ones!

Everyone, be it kids, youngsters, adults or even the old aged, loves to eat candies. The taste of candies is tempting, and everyone just loves the sweet, flavorful taste. There are many flavorful and colorful candies all around the world; among these are the British candies that are everyone’s favorite.

Let us introduce you to some of the amazing British candies that you must eat. The flavors are so addicting that you would love to eat these British candies again and again.

Rock sticks

The classic sweet, cylindrical colorful sticks are hard, as the name hints as well but are very flavorful. Rock sticks are the popular British candy available in many sizes, colors, and flavors; peppermint being the most loved one.


Being manufactured since 1937 by HI Rowntree & Company in the United kingdoms and currently being produced by Nestle all over the world, smarties is one of the most favorite and tasty British candy. These are chocolate filled candies that are sugar-coated with delicious flavors and colors. The vibrant colors and each color melting in your mouth to let you enjoy a different flavor is just the most awesome thing about this delicious candy.

Liquorice allsorts

These unique taste candies though not a favorite of all but has their own niche market and is a must-try British candy. These candies are majorly made up of Liquorice, coconut, sugar, aniseed jelly, different fruit flavors, etc. The box is full of Liquorice allsorts that have different shapes and designs, and are each flavor is fun to try.

Wine gums

This chewy and sweet British candy has no alcohol despite the name being wine gums. These bright color candies resemble gumdrops but are not sugar-coated. The different delicious fruit flavors make it the most loved candy all over the UK.


The crisp chocolate balls filled inside with a yummy crispy biscuit of malted milk and coated by silky and delicious chocolate are British finest candies.  This candy is very popular all around the world because of its rich flavor. Either let it melt in your mouth or chew it to feel the crunch. The flavor is tempting, and you will feel like eating the whole packet at once.


The delicate, crumbly, flaky Cadbury flake is one of its kind chocolate bars that is among one of the delicious British candy. Flake is a British brand of milk chocolate that just melts into your mouth to mesmerize your taste buds. It is also served along with ice-cream to enhance the taste of serving, and this combination of vanilla ice-cream with a flake bar is loved all over Britain.

Aero Bars

The carbonated chocolate, as people like to say it because of its bubbly texture, is another must-try candy of Britain. Aero bars are yummy flavored chocolate bumpy bars filled with air bubbles to give them a unique texture. They are available in different flavors, but the mint and orange flavors are definitely the ones that are quite famous in the UK.


The golden honeycomb centered chocolate bar is another delicious candy that just melts into your mouth to load your taste buds with chocolate and honeycomb toffee flavor.

Double Decker

Another absolute favorite of almost all people is the double-decker British candy that is just amazingly tasty. The combination of crispy cereal, nougatine, and chocolate is wonderful.

These are just a few British brand candies that we have mentioned. The list is long, and the flavors are irresistible. The British produce the world’s most flavorful candies that are loved worldwide, and people just crave to have these yummy sweets.