Comparing The 3 Best Titleist Golf Balls In Australia So You Don’t Have To

Comparing The 3 Best Titleist Golf Balls In Australia So You Don’t Have To

For anyone to play the best round they can, it’s quite logical to say that they want the best equipment and Titleist golf balls in Australia to do so. The company is famous around the world for producing and offering players of all walks of life superior performing equipment for the green.

As far as Titleist golf balls in Australia are concerned, there really are 3 that stand out among the crowd of competitors. These 3 will often cut through all the noise and be atop the lists of players around the world as being the high-performance options for serious and new players alike.

This article will be breaking down the Pro V1, Pro V1x, and the AVX Titleist golf balls in Australia and shed some light on what makes them special, and what sets them apart.

What All Titleist Golf Balls In Australia Offer

Each model is usually built on the foundational considerations of flight, spin, and feel. These characteristics are at the heart of any product produced by the manufacturer and each player will usually have a different set of variables that cater for a certain focus on one or all three characteristics.

It is always advisable to attend a fitting session to determine which Titleist golf balls in Australia will suit your game perfectly.

The Breakdown

Titleist Golf Balls Australia

Pro V1

The workhorse of the company and one of the most popular Titleist golf balls in Australia, this model was released in the late part of 2000 to worldwide recognition of intrinsic quality and overall performance. It boasts and extraordinary distance characteristic with long and consistent flight patterns, a softer feel, penetrating trajectory, and a low long game spin.

The balanced characteristics and overall strong build quality of the product has led it to be considered the industry standard that all future products would be compared against.

Pro V1x

The 2019 Pro V1x certainly changed a working formula to be more relevant for a certain kind of player. The reengineering is not moot however with the V1x producing a higher flight pattern and trajectory, slightly firmer feel, and low long game spin than its bigger brother. The long game spin between the two products is not noticeable, however the V1x will have significantly different spin rates.

While there is a misconception that only certain Titleist golf balls in Australia are suitable for ‘certain’ players and handicaps, it all comes down to the individual playing style rather than skill level. For instance, players with a lower flight average and below-average stopping power on green-based shots will find some favour with the V1x over the V1.


Finally we get to the Titleist golf balls in Australia that are considered to be one of the strongest performers in the game. Boasting a remarkable distance and low-strong game with a penetrating flight. Very soft feel and on the other end of the playing spectrum for the V1x – those looking for a solution to their excessive spin game or high trajectory on their long shots would be remiss if they didn’t consider AVX Titleist golf balls in Australia.