Get Better Sleep With Blockout Curtains

Woman looking over blockout curtains in the window

Not being able to sleep well is one of the most frustrating things. You toss and turn in bed and get out in the morning more tired than you went in. Maybe, one of the culprits for your lack of sleep is too much light in your bedroom. An inexpensive and simple solution for better sleep is using blockout curtains.

What are blockout curtains?

Blockout curtain as the name says block out the light. They are made of heavy, dense fabric that does not let any light pass through them. These curtains are not necessarily black. It is not the color of the curtains, but rather their dense fabric that blocks out the light. Hence you can find them in any color and not have to ruin the aesthetic of your room.

These curtains do more than just block out light from the room. They are also great at muffling out outside noises and acting as room temperature stabilizers. They retain the heat in cold weather and coolness in hot weather, thus making for ideal sleeping conditions. Thus they reduce energy costs greatly. You can also use them while watching movies at home theatres!

Who needs blockout curtains?

  • If you are new parents and your baby has been keeping you from catching some sleep
  • If you are a traveler whose sleep schedule has been disrupted
  • If you have been working for odd hours
  • If you have been tossing and turning with unstable sleep
  • If you have been unable to sleep for absolutely any reason

Blockout curtains are a great investment into a better quality of life. They are a bit pricey than the conventional curtain but are still comfortably within the budget of most people. The extra money is definitely worth the benefits they bring with them.

The connection of light to sleep

Our eyes are conditioned to detect blue light even when they are closed. Before the industrial revolutions, alarms did not exist. People used to wake up with the break of dawn and sleep when it was dark outside. This conditioned the human body to sleep in the dark and wake up when there is light. Due to evolution, we have still retained this sensitivity to light. Some of us are more affected by it than others. Thus, whenever our eyes sense light, our sleep is disturbed and we end up waking up. This is not a generalized phenomenon, however. Every human body is different. We can claim that it applies to a significant number of the human population.

Blockout curtains for good sleep

Blockout curtains in the bedroom

When you put up these curtains, it ensures no natural or unnatural lights from outside can enter your room. Your room becomes the perfect darkness for deep sleep. The muffled sounds also reduce any chances of disturbance. However, these curtains should be used with a combination of other good practices to bear the most result such as refraining from caffeine, putting away devices before sleeping, ensuring good mental health, and eating a healthy diet. With a combination of all these and the blockout curtains, you are bound to enjoy a deep sleep!

What to avoid?

Our phones and devices emanate the same blue light that our eyes are sensitive to. Even if you get blockout curtains, these devices can disturb your sleep cycle a lot. To get the maximum benefit from the curtains, make sure to put away all electronic devices at least fifteen minutes before you go to bed. Give your body time to adjust to the dark. Put your phone on the lowest brightness in case you have to use it during the night for a sudden call or text or any other reason.