How Public Institutions Pick Drinking Fountains That Work Long-Term

How Public Institutions Pick Drinking Fountains That Work Long-Term

Public institutions who are considering the implementation of drinking fountains recognise that they cannot settle for any old brand.

If they are going to work through the time and money to install these units, they have to deliver residual benefits with a strong degree of reliability.

We will see how public institutions are able to pick out drinking fountains that pay off in the long-term.

Examine Unique Fountain Design Options

Public institutions that are seeking to make investments with drinking fountains should take note of the different formats that are available. From indoor to outdoor models, alongside wall-mounted and free-standing designs, there are customised brands that are on show for these locations. It is beneficial to think about what kind of utilities will work for the environment as each public area has its own special demands, creating pathways for a quality installation process.

Assess Available Plumbing Infrastructure

A key strategy that should be in play for public institutions that want to engage new drinking fountains is to recognise what kind of infrastructure they have on site. Pipes and water connections will be required in certain instances and the less utilities that are available on the spot, the more work that might have to be completed ahead of time with these operators. Take note about where these fountains could be placed in relation to suitability and cost, because other areas can very well increase operational costs.

Request Supplier Quotes

Drinking fountains

Public organisations that are looking to hydrate their people and pick out the right fountain design clearly need to calculate the return on investment and assess what kind of quotes are accessible in this environment. As beneficial as it is to achieve an affordable deal, those who appear to be selling a fountain at a heavily marked cost should raise eyebrows when it comes to quality and product assurance. By making contact with a series of local operators, that will offer the chance for institutions to compare and contrast these suppliers on merit.

Take Note of Brand Ratings & Reputations Online & Offline

No one should expect to arrive at a project of this nature with an in-depth understanding about drinking fountains and how they stack up from one brand to the next. Thankfully online research does this hard work for us. Whether it is social media channels, search engines or shared economy apps that offer a comprehensive list of available outlets in the region, they will each carry a rating out of 5 stars and a series of comments that dictates how well they deliver with water consistency and style.

See Example In-Person

Taking quick glances at drinking fountains via a tablet, desktop or mobile is one thing. Being able to see the asset in real time provides another level altogether. How smooth are they to operate? From the pump to the water conduit and basin, is this a comfortable place to rehydrate for the day or evening? There are certain legalities and provisions that are placed on public institutions and this is where an examination of the utility in real time will afford interested parties a chance to identify what those parameters are and how they can cash in for their location.

Be Patient With Selection Process

Public organisations should not attempt to rush the search for drinking fountains. Given the need to adhere to due diligence, to legal provisions, to cost analysis and finding the right supplier, there are a number of moving parts to deal with. For managers who are strategic about their decision-making, they will shortlist fountain candidates that meet their unique criteria and won’t let them down on an investment.