How to Survive Your First Social Dance Classes in Sydney

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Starting a new hobby is an exciting, but nerve-wracking experience, it can be extremely intimidating. But, its important not to let this put you off, especially when you are starting your social dance classes Sydney experience. In order to help you feel a little more prepared, here are a few tips about how to survive your first class.


Tip 1: Find Out What to Wear

A major fear for anyone before their first private dance lesson in Sydney is looking silly by wearing the wrong thing. Luckily, there is an easy solution for this concern; all you have to do is call or email the instructor and ask for their advice. Make sure you know not only what clothes to wear, but also what footwear is best. It is recommended that you find out this information a couple of weeks in advance, so if you don’t have the suggested clothing, you have time to go out and buy a few things. Most of the time you’ll be told to wear something comfortable and easy to move in.


Tip 2: Find Out Where to Go

Before your firs private dance lesson in Sydney, you are likely to feel a little apprehensive, so anything you can do in advance to lessen your worries is a bonus. One thing you can easily do is find out the location of the studio and take a trip over there before your first class. This will be one worry off of your mind, and you will probably feel more relaxed if you know where you are going. This will also save you the panic of getting lost on the way to your first class.


Tip 3: Don’t Expect Too Much from Yourself

It is important to remember that you are starting social dance classes in Sydney for fun, and as a beginner you need to have realistic expectations. Obviously you want to do well and be good at your new hobby, but you also need to give yourself and your body time to get accustomed to the new movements. If you have high expectations you will only be disappointed, so don’t let this ruin your enjoyment of the class. You should also remember that everyone learns from their mistakes, so making mistakes will help you improve. Besides, who doesn’t want a few funny stories about their social dance classes in Sydney?



Tip 5: Ask Questions

You have paid for a private dance lesson in Sydney, so you want to make the most of it. If you are unsure about something, don’t be afraid to ask questions; this is what the instructor is there for. Asking questions also shows that you are engaged and interested. Furthermore, it will help you begin to develop a relationship with your teacher, and that will ultimately make your future classes more fun. Remember, no question is stupid and all questions are invited!


Tip 6: Know What to Bring

Another way to help you survive your first private dance lesson in Sydney is by knowing what you need to bring with you, and bringing the right things. Usually you won’t need to bring too much to your first class, as the instructor will advise you about what to bring in the future. But one thing you mustn’t forget is water! As you’ll be using lots of energy and exercising, it is important to keep hydrated. You could also bring a small towel with you in case you get sweaty, and perhaps a small snack for afterwards if you are hungry. However, if you are particularly worried about what to bring, don’t feel shy about contacting your teacher in advance and asking about what you may need.