Is Teak Outdoor Furniture Worth It?

Woman sitting in a teak outdoor furniture

Plants and flowers are not the only things that make your patio or garden look attractive. While the flowers and plants bring the natural appeal to your space, an artificial touch can elevate the overall outdoor decor. In this case, outdoor furniture. Spending time in the outdoors promotes various health aspects and general well-being. This is only possible with the right type of furniture on your patio.

Getting the right wood for your outdoor furniture is not easy. This is because most types of wood on the market are not built to withstand outdoor conditions. Teak, on the other hand, is the most popular solution for all your outdoor creations.

Read on to find out why you don’t want to miss out on this teak outdoor furniture.

What makes Teak for Outdoor Furniture tick?

teak outdoor dining set

Teak is by far one of the most ancient and popular types of wood there is in the world. The teak trees are indigenous to South Asia (India, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia). These trees possess a plethora of incredible characteristics that make them unique and highly sought after. For starters, teak trees grow up to a 200-feet height. As such, a single tree produces tons of timber. Below are some of the qualities that make teak a suitable choice for outdoor furniture.

·       Durability

Teak wood was used by the ancient natives for building homes and making tools. As its popularity made its way to the world, the wood was used for constructing ships because it possessed qualities that made it withstand harsh conditions.

Today, teak wood has found many applications and especially in the decking and furniture industries. Its ability to endure harsh weather treatment makes it an ideal choice for teak outdoor furniture. This is because the outdoor furniture is left unprotected against various outdoor conditions across the year. With teak as your outdoor furniture, you are all set for a lifetime of excellent performance.

·       Rot, termite, and acid-resistant

Most people avoid going for wooden outdoor furniture with the worry that it would wear out after exposure to moisture, termites, and acidic elements. Well, that can never happen with teak furniture.

You will not worry about any damages to your teak outdoor furniture. This is thanks to the tight wood grain and extensive natural oil content of the wood. These properties help a great deal to prevent moisture and acid from penetrating the wood. Furthermore, the natural oils present in teak form a protective barrier on the wood surface to repel insects from chewing up the timber.

·       Versatility

Teak is the most versatile type of wood to work with. You can use it for making outdoor benches, tables, chairs, lounges, and storage, among other teak outdoor furniture. The best part is, you can choose to leave it in its natural state or paint, stain, wax, or varnish it to match your taste preferences.

·       Maintenance

If you want to experience the advantages of little to no maintenance for your patio, try teak outdoor furniture. Whether you leave it uncovered for months in the outdoors, teak wood will still look beautiful. What is more, teak turns to a silvery grey finish over time, making the perfect outdoor look. In this case, general cleaning or brushing will suffice. If you want it to have its original brown tones, light sanding and polishing will do the trick.

If you are looking for the best furniture for your patio, you can never go wrong with teak outdoor furniture. Aside from its durability, teak naturally appeals to the eye with its golden brown tones. As a result, teak makes a beautiful addition to your outdoors. However, you will part with a hefty price when buying teak timber. This is attributed to its excellent qualities and limited availability. Nonetheless, the price doesn’t hold a candle to the advantages you gain from having teak outdoor furniture.