Should you install Sydney timber flooring?

Should you install Sydney timber flooring

Regardless of whether you’re restoring an old house or building a new one, the type of flooring you choose is an important consideration. Sydney timber flooring is an excellent option for those who want a floor that is both beautiful to look at and functional as well. Here, you’ll discover about some of the reasons why you should choose this over other flooring options on the market.

The aesthetics

Sydney timber flooring looks great. Timber is always going to look superior than other flooring options – nothing compares to the look of real wood. Wood is a timeless material that goes well with virtually any kind of interior design. In addition, you can pick the type of Sydney timber flooring that fits best with your décor.

It’s easy to maintain

Keeping your Sydney timber flooring clean and dry is the only thing you’ll need to remember in order to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Wood has a certain sturdiness, even if it isn’t as low-maintenance as other flooring options. If you spill something on them, all you have to do is wipe it up and they’ll be fine.

Installation is easy

Sydney timber flooring is easier to install than stone or tiles, making them a more cost-effective option. With wood floors, you can utilise the room right away, however with tile or stone flooring, you have to clear up the dust from cutting the tile and cement, which normally takes a full day to finish.


Think again if you think installing Sydney timber flooring in your home will harm the environment. There are environmentally friendly flooring options available, including some manufactured from reclaimed wood and others from trees cultivated only for their timber.

Before you go shopping remember to do the following:

Calculate dimension

Sydney timber flooring

Don’t go shopping without measuring and understanding your space. Make a thorough evaluation of your floor area and determine which types of floorboards would be most appropriate. Do they have the standard 80mm-wide planks? Or do you think that broader floorboards, such as 130mm to 180mm, will do the trick?

If you have a large room, you may want to consider using larger boards for your project. This, however, may necessitate an additional fee. However, the final say is entirely in your hands.

Look for the right colours

Keep in mind that Sydney timber flooring will take up a significant portion of your house’s floor space. As a result, you need to make sure that everything is in sync.

Examine the elements of your home’s interior, such as the furnishings, windows, and walls. Make an effort to find flooring that will go well with your new furniture. Make sure they don’t clash in colour. For those who already have a specific design in mind, it’s important to ensure that the colours match.

Select the correct wood grade

Suppliers typically offer three classes of timber: light, moderate, and heavy. Heavy feature timbers tend to look “ancient,” whereas lighter feature timbers tend to be a bit cleaner and employ fewer veins and knots.


Recycled timber floors are a great way to go “green.” Old warehouse and pier floors can be surprisingly durable, and they’re also good for the environment. In order to make sure that the recycled floors you’re planning to buy can still do their job, you can ask your timber supplier to do a moisture test.

What is the best time to install?

Timber floors can cause minor plaster damage during the installation process, therefore it’s best to paint the walls after the floors are installed. Installing wood flooring should wait until all other craftsmen have finished their job to avoid damaging the floor.