Top 5 Essential Non-Profit Organization Software to Have

Top 5 Essential Non-Profit Organization Software to Have

Some people who haven’t worked in a non-profit organization or managed one like to think that their operations are easy-peasy. On the contrary, managing a non-profit organization requires a lot of hard work and patient.

To effectively plan your fundraising activities and marketing campaigns, you’ll need a non-profit organization software or get prepared to break down.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the important systems your company needs to function efficiently, but, first, let’s explain what the program actually is.

What is a Nonprofit Organization Software?

Nonprofit organization software is a specially tailored business system that aids charity companies to effectively conduct their business activities. It differs from the standard for-profit-making business system in that it is restricted to the nature of the nonprofit business and its regulatory requirements.

Generally, these programs are built to encourage flexibility and scalability in donor and volunteering management, fundraising, accounting, grant management, and other core areas of the nonprofit organization.

The Best Nonprofit Organization Software

Now, let’s look at some of the nonprofit organization software that you’d need for different aspects of the business operation.

#1. Qgiv – Most Essential Nonprofit Software

Non-profit organization software

There is almost no nonprofit organization in Australia that doesn’t use Qgiv. Qgiv is a program that allows businesses to easily manage their donors. It is equipped with features that allow for the provision of unlimited donation forms, simple events, training, and live support. Also, there is no limit to the number of users with Qgiv, and fundraising is more effective with Qgiv’s peer-to-peer and mobile fundraising options.

#2. Bloomerang – Top Donor Database Management

Bloomerang is the right system your company needs when it comes to donor management. It is a program that boosts your donor retention rates and assists you in developing strategic donor managing practices through the use of cutting-edge technology. Bloomerang has an interactive dashboard that allows you to easily track the success of your campaign and review your customer’s retention rate at a glance. The best part of this nonprofit organization software is that it can be integrated with Qgiv, giving your company a bigger and more accurate picture of your performance.

#3. DonorPerfect – Top Fundraising Growth

DonorPerfect is the go-to nonprofit organization software when it comes to managing your donor community and building your fundraising capacity. If you’ve been musing about the best possible way to effectively raise money while managing your donor data, DonorPerfect is the solution. The system makes this possible through the provision of great features such as data management, reporting, gift processing, payment services, branded online form, and training features. It is almost like everything you need to run your company in one program.

#4. Neon One – Top Cloud-based Data Nonprofit Organization Software

Neon One is like a two-in-one nonprofit organization software. It is a combination of CRM and a fundraising system. It allows you to easily manage your donors, host events, and process donations that are either one-off or recurring. Its greatest attractiveness is its cloud-based approach to data management. This allows for a centralized data management system that is accessible at all times. With Neon One, you can automate emails to your donors, quickly create donor profiles, and make comprehensive reports.

#5. Leaderosity – Top Learning Management Nonprofit Organization Software

Leaderosity is your partner when it’s time to train your employees, boost your fundraising skills and build great nonprofit leaders. It is developed by Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, and it is wholly concerned about the training and development of a nonprofit organization’s workforce. Leaderosity is packed with all the features needed to effectively train and engage your employees. Some of these features include the personalized learning path, live streaming and downloading function, and event registration for conferences and educational events. The best part of Leaderosity is that you can take the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional) program courses on it.