Understanding Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist disability accommodation, often referred to as SDA, if or people with very high needs that require someone with professional skills to help them in their housing situation. There are many different variants of these solutions that support those with their individuals circumstances and needs. The aim of t program is to identify those factors and give them the best housing solution possible.

If this sounds like something that applies to your own personal situation or that of a friend or family member you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading as we help break down what specialist disability accommodation is.


What type of housing is available?

Housing options may differ between different branches and companies but they all relatively work towards a similar goal. Their goal is to provide the proper support and housing for those who are in dire need of it. There are long term specialist disability accommodation options which involves a villa like unit in a shared living space. There will be 24 hour support for all individuals in the estate like complex that allows them to have first-hand access to support.

These villas also can be adjusted to fit around the individual’s needs of the occupants. If there is something that they struggle with in their day to day life, specialist disability accommodation can accommodate and help them get the life back on track.


Who is eligible for SDA?

Eligibility for SDA varies between NDIS participants. To find out if you are eligible for this type of housing you will need to meet with a NDIS representative to discuss your current situation and the support that you require. If this discussion leads to the topic of SDA you may find that it will lead into an assessment on whether or not you are eligible for it.


Provider and investor briefing

There are many resources available online for people to understand SDA more. The NDIA makes a conscious effort to engage all participants so everyone has a clear idea of what SDA is all about and how it can help the community.

The briefing report (available online) provides information on:

  • Funding levels
  • Funding principles and price reviews
  • Eligibility for the housing
  • Housing standards
  • Third party certificate standard assessment

This document dates back to previous years so you can see how the sector is growing and try to understand where it is going.


Role of a provider

While the NDIS is the scheme for providing people with specialist disability accommodation, providers are the ones who actually deliver the service. Specialist disability accommodation is a very important component of our society as it gives relief to people with a disability as well as their families and carers. Those who have had a rough life before they were introduced into SDA can once again create goals and achieve them so that they can have a better quality of life.

There are many different providers out there (think of them as brands providing a similar product or service) that are all trying to help their participants. Those who are eligible for specialist disability accommodation get to choose who they want to work with so that they can have some say in the decision and establish what goals they want to achieve.

NDIS services providers offer a new and exciting take on this part of the market place where they can make a real change to these people’s lives.

If you feel like you or a family member is eligible for SDA be sure to contact a NDIS representative as soon as possible. They will be able to help you and get the care that you need.