Team building helps a group of people to achieve a common goal of success. Whether the team is physical or virtual, team building is important as it helps to maintain focus, enthusiasm, and vision that will drive the team forward.

If you run a group of virtual workers, do not assume that there is no way to improve them. All you need to do is to employ online team building. Online team building helps to strengthen communication while every member is sure about their identity.

How do I benefit from Online team building?

Benefitting from online team building will build passion and commitment in team members. Just like onsite people will take work seriously, virtual workers can be committed as well.

For instance, a virtual worker can feel unsupported or isolated. At those moments, virtual activities that build a team will remind the individual of other amazing members working like they are. Online team building will reignite passion in workers and make them excited to work again. It renews trust and passion with their colleagues and managers.

Activities that help in virtual team building

Entail online team building

Here is a list of virtual team-building activities for remote employees and teams.

  • Online Office Games

There are exciting games that your team can play online to help in team building. The online games can be typing-speed races, different types of murder mystery, spreadsheet pixel-art, puzzles, and more. The purpose is to make every member contribute while they feel that their opinions count.

  • Tiny Campfire

You can set up a virtual campfire for your online members. The experience comes with icebreakers, historic stories about ghosts, and competitions that give a real experience. It is a smart and fun approach. It is seen as the best virtual camping experience.

You will send each member a tealight candle and other ingredients before activities commence. The goal of the event is to create good vibes, shared memories, and great online engagement with other employees.

  • Tea vs Coffee

This experience involves the taste of real beverages, coffee, and tea. Before the day of the event, you would have sent 4 different types of teas to your member. They are not to open it until an appointed date. The appointed date is the tasting date where team members log into an online video-café.

There will be a barista who will tell friendly stories, allow members to participate in other games that will build the tea, and move to the tasting event. In the end, everyone would feel connected because of the fun and education the approach offers.

Other common activities people try out are;

  • War of the Wizards
  • Online Team Building Bingo
  • Quarterly Christmas
  • Can you hear me now?
  • Guess the Emoji Board
  • Pancakes vs Waffles
  • Werewolf
  • Virtual pub crawl


Your team needs these moments of virtual retreat for online team building. It will enable everyone to get reminded of the vision of the team, meet new members, not feel isolated, and know who to seek when they are in need any sort of help.