What Is A SMA Sunny Boy Inverter?

SMA sunny boy inverter to transform direct current into alternate.

Wondering what a SMA sunny boy inverter is? The world-renowned manufacturer has lead the way in solar inverter technology and the SMA sunny boy inverter has been designed for use in a wide range of settings including the home, businesses and for large scale systems and advance off-grid designs. So, what do you need to know about these nifty products?

The company

These SMA sunny boy inverters are highly sought after and thought to be iconic, they are made by a German company that was established back in the 80s. Initially, they made string inverters which were known to be much better than the competition. Around the time that solar began to gain ground in 2008, they became very popular. Their focus is no longer quite as much on the smaller systems but they lead the way commercially. They have found a lot of competition in recent years and are now trying to make headway with home energy storage.

What you should know

Solar inverter

When it comes to reliable products, the company was often seen as the only real option. This was because the market was often flooded with cheap options.  The SMA sunny boy inverter has always had a good reputation and for more than a decade has been seen as the go-to product by many installers. Originally SMA sunny boy inverters were only manufactured in Germany but over time they moved their manufacturing to China before eventually going back to their roots.

Modern SMA sunny boy inverters are single phase and known for their sleek design. They have gained a lot of popularity in the solar community. There current range is very lightweight and compact. The new models have wifi as a standard feature and don’t come with a display. Monitoring in the newer models is now manage via wifi and Bluetooth because the displays were weak and can cause problems.

The most important feature of SMA sunny boy inverters is that they are highly reliable. They are a favourite amongst installers and are known to offer great quality.

Three phases

Part of the product range is also a three-phase version which comes available in a big range of different sizes suitable for both residential and commercial installs. They are very compact and come in attractive colours.


So, how are they monitored?

They can be monitored through an app. There is a cloud based portal that users can access to get information about their system and oversee the performance of their solar set-up. The system is fairly intuitive and charts the information so it can be clearly interpreted. It presents the same information that you might have expect to find on a display on the older models. They also have an app that people can access on their phone. It doesn’t provide real time monitoring but is quite user friendly and an alternative to the sunny portal.

The SMA sunny boy inverter is considered to be a favourite product in the world of solar power. Many installers consider it to be top quality and highly reliable. This great product is also backed by a great team of people and great customer support. They may have faced a lot of competition over the years but this company has well and truly secured its place at the top thanks to its reliability. With new advances happening all the time, there’s little double that their products will continue to impress.

If you’re in the market for a new part for your solar system then it’s a great idea to try out this great product range.