What You Need for Constructing Custom Sheep Yards

What You Need for Constructing Custom Sheep Yards

Having a well-designed yard is essential to keep the sheep comfortable and make it easy to handle. The sheep will move around in the yard with so much ease, and it can be easy to control them when you need to. Custom sheep yards will help you create a design that aids the movement of sheep from one area to the other without too much hassle.

The technology we have now didn’t exist in the olden days where sheep were controlled by a dog or shepherd. During this time, getting the sheep to do what you want them to was quite a challenge. Today, things have improved to ensure efficiency in handling the farms. Below are a few things you need when building your custom sheep yards.

Requirement for Building Custom Sheep Yards

Custom sheep yards

Design Plan

Before major constructions, you need to prepare a design plan. The same goes for building custom sheep yards. A design plan will aid in working with the landscape and knowing where to position the constructions and movement areas of the sheep. When creating a design plan, you will take into account the existing fences on the farm and also trees and other barriers. You will know where to strategically position the yards to ensure smooth movement of the sheep.

If the construction is happening on your property, chances are you understand the layout of your land. However, if the construction is on a different property, you will acquire perfect imagery of the area before planning out the layout.

Having a design plan will ensure you know the water effect on the layout as well as the sheep waste destination. What’s more, you will know where the sheep will find shelter in the weather inclement and how to access the yards. Putting all these factors into account will ensure a safe haven for your sheep flock.

Materials and construction

With a design plan in place for erecting custom sheep yards, you can now start on the materials needed for the construction. The design will help you know the type of building you need to erect and thus the kind of materials to use. Common examples of sheep yard materials include fencing and building supplies, gate materials, and concrete.

The materials you choose for the construction should be able to handle the task you are setting them up for. In other words, choose sturdy materials for constructing custom sheep yards. The size of the yard will also determine the number of materials to get.

Once you have your materials ready, it is time to start the construction. The size of the yard will also determine how fast you build it. Also, your team will either reduce or increase the number of days you work on the yard project.

Hiring a building team

Constructing custom sheep yards from scratch is not an easy task. You can choose to erect the yards yourself or hire a building crew to help. The latter is the most suitable option as it will reduce the work and pressure to complete the yards in good time. This team can consist of experts in building, meaning you are guaranteed good and fast results. Given that the experts have sufficient experience in building custom sheep yards, they can advise on the best materials and equipment for the project.


Constructing custom sheep yards is the best way to keep your flock of sheep under control. We all know how dealing with a large group of sheep is difficult and tedious. Having these yards in place will make it easy for you to handle the sheep and probably do away with the dog or shepherd.