Why Consumers Continue To Gravitate To Ziptrak Blinds


The need to access reliable quality blinds for your household or office has never been more necessary than it is today in 2018.

As temperatures begin to rise and electricity prices continue to skyrocket, it is paramount for homeowners and business managers alike to have outlets that relieve them of the heat and of their monthly power bill.

Ziptrak blinds are now one of the leading brands in Australia as their products are seen as the ideal solution to conditioning a home or commercial environment to the perfect temperature and the perfect light exposure.

Here we will take a closer glance at the rationale behind the boost in Ziptrak blinds sales, examining the benefits and advantages that customers can source from this outlet.


Protects Households From Extreme Weather Conditions

One of the few unfortunate realities of living in Australia is the exposure to extreme weather conditions. Ziptrak blinds have innovated their own products to ensure that customers have a safeguard on hand at all times of the day and night when those moments arise. UV rays that filter through in the summer and spring months are particularly pertinent, likewise for strong winds and cold storms when there is a transition from one season to the next. These outlets give a comprehensive control structure to allow consumers the capacity to eliminate unwanted heat, frost, wind and light from invading their space.


Aesthetically Pleasing Design Style

Outdoor blinds can be crafted from a number of different design choices. When it comes to Ziptrak blinds, this is a brand that matches beauty and aesthetics with practicality to ensure there is no compromise at either end of the spectrum. Given that the high frequency cordura tape is welded directly to the fabric to give the blinds strength and durability, there is no need for added stitching to take place. In those instances, the blinds appear patched together and it removes the organic features that are on display from this household item.


Variety of Colours for Consumers

Attempting to purchase blinds that fit in with the native décor can be a challenge that many outlets fail to deliver on. Ziptrak blinds fortunately do not fall into that category, because the transition in colours for the panels from beige to black or primrose to white illustrates that there can be a mixture of style and substance all in one delightful package. Other brands do not necessarily cater to this type of variety, forcing business managers and homeowners to compromise on a colour that runs counter to their domestic setting.


Upgrading and Downgrading at Consumer Convenience

The great news when it comes to Ziptrak blinds is that the interior can be altered to suit the convenience of the consumer and their surrounding environment. For those that wish to have their home or office completely covered from significant light exposure or from extreme heat or cold, there is a heavy duty block out option that places a priority on coverage.

Those households or businesses who wish to maintain their privacy find this option more than suitable. Others who want to invite a warm glow and welcoming aura to a location will take the alternative translucent and light blind model. This is ideal for consumers who can access a strong degree of natural lighting and rather than a desire to block it out, they can use the blinds to control the input.


Ease of Lock Access

The centre-lock release of Ziptrak blinds is a fantastic feature that makes the brand unique amongst the industry. With many other blind models, the consumer has to unlock from the left edge for the left-hand side and the right edge for the right-hand side. Here is where a middle lock is located to allow the left and right sides to unlock simultaneously, bypassing a common hassle that many customers had with their traditional blind systems. This advantage is compounded given the freedom to lock or unlock the Ziptrak model from either the inside or the outside – illustrating that the access to the product has never been easier.


Covered For 24-Month Warranty

In the event that a consumer wishes to change their Ziptrak blinds or they have been damaged, stolen or compromised in any fashion, then the 24-month consumer warranty is in place to act as protection. From interior to outdoor systems, this is a fundamental component that is enacted to help the consumer. Installers, retailers and fabricators are also entitled to this 24-month warranty as the 400 plus outlets across Australia help to pass on this deal to domestic customers.



Australian consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the quantity and quality of their blind providers in the domestic market. Yet it is Ziptrak blinds who illustrate across every category valued by customers that they are the leaders and the innovators in the field who win on trust.