Why the Busy Light?


The busy light is a life-changing invention, created in the interest of optimizing productivity in your workplace. It is a USB device that you can connect to your PC or laptop. It’s inexpensive and easy to install, syncing up to different communications programs used in the office such as Skype for Business.

Once installed, the best busy light colour syncs up to your status on Skype for Business and displays this on your desk…


Red for busy

Yellow for being away from the computer

And green for available 


The busy light shows colleagues whether you’re currently approachable or not, and allows you to do focused work by telling the world to ‘do not disturb’.

Alternative products to the USB stick can be attached to a power source. Use adhesive tape to attach it to the side of your monitor or onto your desk directly.


Why is this such a big deal?

Here are a few stats to set the scene. Did you know that information workers are distracted for around 28% of their day? This is 2 whole hours of precious productivity time, per worker, per day. That is, 10.5 hours per employee, per week – so, a lot of lost time for the organisation.


Where do these distractions come from?

The open-plan style of office is becoming increasingly popular. This is to aid efficient collaboration between colleagues, with the ideal being a major boost in collective productivity. Living in the fast-paced digital age, it’s also becoming increasingly important for information work to keep up.

With this being the case however, it can backfire when a colleague comes over from their desk to ask a question. However, you’re in the middle of a call, or tied up in some work that requires your full attention. This ends up being a waste of time for both parties.

So, with the busy light clearly indicating a worker’s availability for a chat, it can save an unnecessary interruption and the valuable minutes of productivity lost. And the less interruptions, the better.


Don’t miss important calls

Another helpful function of the busy light is the alert system for incoming communications, in both audible and visual forms that you can’t miss. Flashing and ringing will make sure you know about any calls or messages.

If you have been away from your desk and return to see an intermittent flashing light, your busy light is letting you know you have missed a call or message.


Easily manage calls

The efficient functions of the busy light don’t stop here. Incoming calls can be set to forward to voicemail should you already be on one. Keyboard shortcuts can also be set up for common functions, and hooked up to different communications programs used in the organisation.


Going wireless

This device is bound to become the open-office standard due to these practical benefits. This has coincided with the going wireless movement. That is, wireless headsets having become the norm…

With this come some important changes, namely those that would previously be a clear signal to co-workers that we’re busy. For example, traditionally being on a call mean picking up the landline (or even mobile does the trick), this making it very obvious you’re busy on a call.

Wireless headsets on the other hand traditionally don’t give observers any way of telling whether you’re on a call or not. This is where the busy light comes in, and it’s revolutionary for minimizing distraction, and in turn, boost the overall productivity. You can see how this is a great way to raise your company’s bottom line.